Hello world,

here is my new blog arnehm.com. I just started it in relation to my Vlog on Youtube. I thought a long time about it if it’s a good idea to start a blog in 2016 and if the topic is sufficient enough, but I did it. Let us see if it can work. My enthusiasm for this comes from the good responses to my Vlog.

To my person: I’m a 29 years old guy who loves to travel trough the world – mostly trough asia – and experience new places, storys and adventures (more about my persons follows). My latest adventure got me to the Emirates Business Class from Frankfrut via Dubai to Bangkok. Because I like to watch inflight experiences and trip reports on Youtube I thought I could contribute and did it as you can see here:

I do this only for vacation – not business – so I won’t have new material every week but I try to put it in online in small steps to get new content every time. Please forgive me if my English is not the best at anytime 😉

If you like my videos feel free to subscribe my Youtube-channel.

So let’s start this!

Have fun and enjoy,


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